Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Two beds.
Two chairs.
Two dressers.
Two desks.
Two girls.
One LAVA floor.

Last night, me and Jess Jess started playing THE GROUND IS LAVA. And it has continued onto today.

There rules of THE GROUND IS LAVA are clear.

What ever you do. Do Not. Touch. The Ground.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Poem for You

What I don't understand.

What I don't understand
Is how different the world can be

There are people dying. People committing suicide. People getting in car crashes. People dying a slow death in hospital beds.
But then there are people getting married. People starting out their new lives. People having new babies.
But what would happen if it all just collided.
There are people dying. People being abused. People crying. People being abandoned. And people being put down.
But then there are people getting engaged. People beginning a new chapter. People getting new jobs. And people adopting.
But what would happen if it all just froze?
Who knows.

How many people need to die for you to realize we need to change something in this world?
How many people need to live for you to realize we have nothing to change?

It's crazy how different this world is.
I was on Facebook, and I noticed that, right next to each other,
was engagement photos of my friend getting married,
and the photo of a boy who killed himself
with a caption that read
"It's been a year sense our beloved son, brother, and friend left us."
It's crazy to think that this is the same world.
The same world that gives two completely different scenarios.
One, two people's lives, going on into eternity,
And one, a boy who never gets to see eternity.

Basically, what I'm saying, is I can't express myself right now.
I mean, right here, right in front of me, are two completely different stories.
One, a boy who never gets to see where his life could have become. A family whose lives were torn apart my senior year, his junior. He never got to graduate, never got to go on to college, never got to see where life would take him. Life was just too cruel. Too much to handle. Too horrible. I hate life. Life sucks.
The other, the happiest people you've ever seen. Getting ready to enter the temple, getting their pictures taken, and loving life. There is nothing that can ruin these two and their perfect day. Life is just awesome. Perfect. I love life. Life rocks.

I can't even handle myself right now.

Like a Disappointment.

I feel as though I am a screw up today.

But at the same time, I feel AWESOME.


To reward myself, I'm drinking Sunny D and Blogging. Today is a good day.

I only missed 10 questions on my final. I got higher than most of the people in my class.

But guess what? I still feel like a disappointment.

My parents have really high standards for me. Maybe I shouldn't be blogging this.. Oh well.
I feel like a screw up a lot.
My family is pretty much perfect.
And then there's me.

I don't think my mom is very happy with me that I got bad grades, and when my dad finds out I don't think he will be very happy either.
They read my blog, so I guess this is a good way to tell them I got bad grades.

Fun story::
My older two siblings got horrible grades when they went to college their first year, but they never told my parents until a long time after. So technically speaking, I'm doing better than them in some light.

Maddi says I shouldn't put myself down, and that I should blog about how awesome I am. So that's what I'm going to do.

>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

Some things, are just awesome.
Let me tell you a few of them::
1. Mac n Cheese
2. Sunny D
3. Free Wifi that actually works
4. Beanie Babies
5. Top knots
6. Maddi
7. Paint
8. Balloons
9. Water bottles (especially full of Sunny D)
10. Getting engaged (I'd assume..)
11. The number eleven
12. When a friend accidentally snorts when laughing
13. Full sketchbooks
14. Full journals
15. Cara's snapchat faces
16. My birthday
17. Nail polish
18. Email
19. Fuzzy socks
20. Family
21. Passing a class and getting an A
22. My uke
23. Glasses that aren't broken
24. Sunglasses


Monday, April 28, 2014

Panic Attack

So.... Finals week sucks.

And I had a bit of a panic attack today.

You know,
The whole sha-bang.

It was great. I felt like I couldn't breath.

I felt like THIS.

It was a real problem.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Okay. Let's talk about this for a minute.
Like, Holy Poo.
No matter what we do, no matter what we say, God will always be there for us.
I mean, this guy really messed up a few times. He was homeless at one point. Went to jail 3 times. And almost killed himself.
This is crazy. It really opened up my eyes.
I love this church. For those of you who don't know, I'm a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. You can learn more about his HERE... Or HERE.
Oh my word. I love being a Mormon.
Let me tell you about it.
But first, let me express to you how I hate humming.
............ I hate it.
Steffen and Eric came over to give me a blessing. And it was amazing. Simply, amazing. I'm not going to tell you about it, because this is social media, but just know that it was amazing.
I really needed it.

On to lighter things, Finals Week starts tomorrow. Not really lighter. But okay.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bad Day

Today is a bad day.
So here are a bunch of pictures of cute babies.

You're Welcome.

Friday, April 25, 2014


I'm going to make this blog into a journal type of thing. Because I seem to love blogging. So why not blog more about my life?

So let's start today.

Today didn't sleep. I pulled an all nighter, as you already know. And I went to bed at about 6. Then I woke up, went to class, and did more homework.

Let me just tell you kids about college.
College sucks. But also rocks.

Reasons it sucks::
Early class
Dead week
Finals week

Reasons is rocks::
You're on your own.
Dance parties are the bomb dot schizzle dizzle. (If you know which ones to go to.. Which I do..)
You live with your friends. (Every night is a sleepover.)
You get to do what you want.

I also talked to the missionaries today. It was, can I say, AWESOME.

Okay, I'm bored. Maybe I won't make it a journal..


I seriously wanna cry right now. And if you don't wanna hear me complain, stop reading. Because this is my blog, and I can do what I want on my blog.

I'm a freaking idiot. I didn't do any of the labs for psychology and last night I had to do all of them. But I only got like 5 done. So that's stupid.
NO. I DO NOT want you to come hug me. You are stupid. (This is to YOU, not you..)
I wanna scream cause life is a thing and my head is about to explode.
I kinda also wanna cuddle with someone.. But it has to be a boy, and he has to smell good.

Okay. Finals week, here we come.

Also, I can't even.

All Nighter!!

I'm pulling an All Nighter tonight.

I know, calm down, it IS exciting.

But not really.

The reason I'm pulling an All Nighter is to do homework. All the videos are loading currently, so I have nothing to do.

The internet is being stupid. And normally I would go use my Ethernet cable. But it's in my room and Jessica is sleeping and it's super hard to get out of the wall and it's under our beds. So there's that.

Cara and Jason are totes mah goats cuddling right outside the door.

I'm in the study room, did I mention that?
There are pictures in here. Pictures of flowers. Well. Only one.
There's a whiteboard too. It has a palm tree on it.
And a message to me::

It says:: Lindsey loves and believes in c.c. ! Booyah

If you didn't guess, it's from Lindsey.
And, if you couldn't tell, our study room is Red.
I do believe all the floors have different colors.
I've seen Green and Blue and maybe Yellow if I'm not cray cray.

STORY TIME:: Level Homework

I should get back to my homework..

I guess I could start reading the articles...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


People are idiots.

One day you talk to me, and the next day you don't?

Okay, that's cool.

Now that I got that off my chest, let's talk about SUMMER.

This is a great picture.

Here's my story. I'm staying in Logan over the summer. And it's gonna be a PARTAY.
Woot Woot.
What What.
Whoop Whoop.

And now, I will dance.
I like the guys in the back ground who are just mortified at what is happening. They're my favorite.

So my ethernet chord is working.
Also, I hate pants. And shorts. And anything you wear on your lower body except underwear and socks..

So people. People are fools.
Me included.

I have three plants.
One I got at Walmart and I'm growing from seeds.
One I got at my grandpa's funeral and it's still alive.
One I got at Home Depot, and it is a cacti.
Well, I hope the seeds are alive.. Crap... What if they're not alive?? I will most definitely cry.

But people man, really though.
They mess with your head.
It's quite stupid.

And some people pretend to be something they're not! Which is so stupid, I can't even handle it! Like, really though, so stupid.

But some people, are awesome.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Barf Germs

Me and Maddi are gonna share barf germs.

NBD but it's a big deal.

Also, Chocolate Milk.

Also, Chicken Nuggets.

Happy Easter

I got the flu.

It sucked.

Threw up every half hour.

I counted.

It's dead week here at USU.
For those of you who don't know, I will explain what that is.

Dead week is the week before finals. Where you're practically dead and/or you want to be dead. Basically the gist of it is that you are supposed to have no quizzes or homework or tests during this week. But professors hate students, so they give us quizzes and homework and tests during this week. So it's pretty much pointless.

My plans for the summer? Well, I'm glad you asked.
I'm going to stay here in Logan.
Live in Old Farm.
Cara is gonna be my roommate! Woot Woot.
Maddi is gonna visit all the time from her house (which is about 15 minutes away).
And Jess Jess is gonna practically live with us (she's living in Oakridge, cause she couldn't get out of her contract).
Gonna work two jobs, one at the Junc and one at the Call Center I'm thinking.
Also, I'm going to buy a horse.
Also, that last one was a lie.

PoBev is this Saturday. EVERYONE GO BECAUSE I'M GOING TO PERFORM. Oh my gosh I'm so excited! But nervous! Ah!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Okay. Let's talk about how people my age (18) are getting married right now.

3. I still don't have a boyfriend.

1. Oh my gosh. I'm so happy for them! Seriously, adorable. Like, I can't even. I Just. Can't. Even.
But not really.

Listen up kids, let's talk about why all the people are getting married.

This is my first year of college. Fresh outta High School. New to the world. Basically a baby. A child. But, would you look at that, my friends are getting married! Man, that's so cute. But wait.. I'm their age.. And I'm not getting married.. CRAP.

Thoughts you may be having at this point in time::

1. What if all of the good guys get taken?
2. I want a baby.
3. No I don't, I'm freaking 18!
4. Will I end up alone forever? And ever?
5. What if I end up marrying the wrong guy?
6. What if I don't meet any guy??
7. Will anyone still love me after I'm 30?
8. Can my future husband be as hot as her husband?
9. Ew. The word husband is disgusting.
10. Seriously though. Disgusting. ^^
11. Can I please just take five seconds and cry about how I feel like I'll be alone forever?

Now, my mom told me that these thoughts and feelings are totally normal for a girl my age.

But I'll tell you one thing, THEY SUCK.

Like, half the time, I want to be married right now. But the other half of the time I don't wanna get married till I'm at least 23. And I know, I know, 23 is still super young. Leave me alone.

I'm in college. That's where crap gets REAL. And this crap I'm having to deal with, this whole marriage thing, is FREAKING ME OUT.

Okay. Seriously. I feel like I'm literally bipolar because of all the thoughts I have running though my head.

Alright, I'm just gonna type them out. Even if some interrupt some and some make no sense.
You ret?

Well. I'm not. I don't think the world is ready for my mind just quite yet.

Now I know you were hoping for some words of advise, how to deal with all these problems with your friends getting married, but I have none. Honestly, I'm right there beside you, freaking out.
The only difference between you and me is that I have a blog to write down all of my thoughts on.

You wanna know something else that I thought of recently? I really hope Ash (Pokemon) kept a journal. Cause, man, his life was freaking incredible. But at the same time, he had a camera crew following him everywhere.

Straight up, I'm sick of wanting to get married, then being repulsed by the idea, then wanting it again, and so on and so forth.

So here's my advise::

Seriously, it's okay. It's okay that you don't have a boyfriend (or girlfriend). It's okay that you're not getting married right now. Because YOU'VE GOT TIME. And you've got lots of it. Breath. Smile. Be yourself. And the right person will come to you.

So there you have it folks. My advise.

Also, THIS.
[Please scroll past all the annoying stuff until you get to the joke.]
Okay... ONE MORE.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I Know How To Play The Ukulele.

So, as you guessed, I'm home. And it is AWESOME. I LOVE being home.

It's one of my favorite activities.

Also, growing plants. But that's beside the point.


Can I get a Woot Woot?

Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself "Now, why would someone do something so foolish like that?"
I will tell you.

It is because I was having a bit of a panic attack and I was thinking "YOLO" at the time. So therefore, I dropped all my classes and started registering all over again!

It was quite the adventure.

I am now signed up for all but two of my classes.

I'm on the waiting list for one (Anthropology) and I'm waiting for a reply from my advisor for the other (Math).

Man I hate math.
Woman I hate math.
We don't discriminate here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So I'm sitting here in Psychology, and we're talking about lying and Poly-Graphs.
Everything I've learned, up to this class, about poly-graphs was off of Psych. Does anyone remember that episode? Lassie is super obsessed with his lie detector and he asks Shawn if he's a psychic, and Shawn is all "Yes." And it shows that he was telling the truth.

What what!


I don't know his name. But he's cute. He has blond hair, was wearing a USU shirt, and was super duper cute.

So if you fit that description, are a dude, and have psychology Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:30, COME FIND ME CAUSE YOU'RE FREAKING ATTRACTIVE.

So here's how our conversation went::

Me:: (I just saw a girl and guy hug and the girl grabbed the guys butt) Oh my gosh!
Him:: What?
Me:: *Scoots in
Him:: *Scoots in closer
Me:: See those people over there?
Him:: Yes..
Me:: Well... I just saw them hug.. And..
Him:: ....
Me:: The girl totally grabbed the guys butt!
Him:: What??
Me:: I know!!
Him:: It's not supposed to go like that!
Me:: I know!
Him:: It's supposed to go the other way!!



And now... I am being a creeper and see him in my class...


And, if you had a Poly-Graph with you right now, you would know that I'm telling the truth.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So guess what?

Chicken Butt.

Fried in Grease.

Wanna Piece?

Now down to business.

I need a Guitar player.
And I need one now.
Right now.

Okay, maybe not right now. But soon.

So if anyone knows of a good guitarist or ARE a good guitarist, let me know. Cause that would be great. GREAT.

I'm sick of my friends stealing my other friends. I feel like I loose friends when I introduce friends to friends. Cause then my friends think my friends are cooler than me. It's a real problem I have among my friends and my friends.

Also, look what I found!

This beaut is definitely blog worthy. Just sayin'.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wut Wut Wut Wut Wut

Marriage is a funny thing.

I wanna get married.


I always have these freak out moments.
These freak out moments where I just wanna cry cause I think I'll end up forever alone.

Also, I want to walk around in my underwear, but there are too many boys in the world for that to happen.

So I'm gonna sing at POBEV!! I'm gonna sing Angel by Jack Johnson.
What's that? You want to hear me sing it?

Okay. Here's a rough take on how it might sound.

I hate how my voice sounds on photo booth. Really on any recording. Does that mean I hate the sound of my voice?
Well crap.

There it is folks. My first video on the internet. We'll see how this goes.


When a hot guy doesn't ask for your number but was flirting.
Bad kissers. Unless you get to teach them, that's fun.
People who have pickle breath.
When you don't get a goodbye hug.
People who try and take sneaky pictures of you.
Someone yelling at you when it's not your fault.
Your phone freezing.
People who take more than 15 minutes to text back.
Not having a guitar player for my band.
Saggy pants.
People who show off their musical talents at parties.
When you have a youtube video to show people but no one will watch.
Fake laughs when you're pissed.
People trying to talk to you when you're reading a book.
People trying to talk to you when you have head phones in.
Jason. But not really cause he's cool.
Kissing in public.
Not having a pool.
When people don't listen to me. And then apologize.
Not listening to Hawaiian music.
Bad handshakes.
People who think their your best friend.
When parents post only pictures of their children.
Stupid drivers.
When people say "Only in Utah..."
Or "Welcome to Utah.."
Or "You know you're in Utah when..."
18 year olds getting married. But it depends on the couple.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ell Oh Ell

I just think this is so funny.

Why do we call Clams happy?

I mean, they're just Clams.

In other news, I met the man I am going to marry.


Logan City Limits

I got 9 new CDs yesterday.

They are AWESOME.

1. Mideau
Won this beauty from an Instagram post.

Hawaiian songs, what what.

3. Southwire
I got all of these for 25 cents btw.

4. Grandfather Child
I actually don't like this one, but it's still a CD.

5. Little Bare Foot

6. Hargø
Very weird, but I like it.

7. Husky
Haven't listened to it yet, but the cover art is SICK.

8. Eddy Current Suppression Ring
The band does not care about your expectations.

9. In This Together

10. Audifauna
This is actually Maddi's, but I gave her the money for it... So it's kinda mine too.

So there you have it. I love them all (pretty much).
Also, Jess Jess also got a whole bunch of CDs.. So yeah.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Everything Is Awesome!

Tonight was my little girls' dance recital! They did SOOOO good! Oh my gosh! It was adorable! I wanted to die it was so cute!

So another awesome thing happened today... Can you guess what it is?
Give up?



Yes, that is right Ladies and Gentlemen! I, Sierra Noel Osmun, bought a Cactus!



Okay. Now let's get serious for a second.

Just kidding!


Also, I planted some flowers in a yellow pot.


yoowhoo oaken frozen
This is EASILY the best part of the movie.
"YooHoo! Big summa Blowout!"
Like, really though, so good. So funny. So perfect.

This guy, seriously, makes me so happy.

"Vat did you just call me?"

Thursday, April 10, 2014


So.. My glasses broke again.
On both sides.

They are duct taped.

And they're really making me angry.
Because they're duct taped, they keep stretching out. And so they're really wide. So they're falling off.
All the time.



Inside The Mayan Adventure Restaurant

Okay. I remember when, as a family, we went to The Mayan.

The Mayan was a magical place. Mexican food, men in loin clothes, waterfalls, ponds, and a talking robot parrot.

The men in loin clothes would jump off the waterfalls and land in the pond below, which was next to the talking robot parrot, while we ate Mexican food. And it was great.

But then it went out of business.

Sad day.

Okay, it's not breaking news. But it's something to blog about.

People are stupid.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Money


Why do we even need it??


I'm so poor it's not even funny. I have about zero dollars. Its great.
Also, I have a job. I have two jobs. But one doesn't start till summer. And one ends on Friday. So that sucks. And, the one in the summer is super iffy, so who knows how often I'll be able to actually work.
So I just applied to Buckle. Which Jess Jess calls The Buckle, which I think is super funny. But is it super funny? We may never know. So I had an interview at Buckle. The Buckle. And Gavin interviewed me. He is cute. But also married. So that's no bueno. Except it's awesome that he found someone.
Anyway. I don't know if I got the job or not.

ANNOUNCEMENT: My Irish Dance School, the one I teach at, Inishfre, is having their Recital on Friday! How Exciting!! And my tiny class of three girls are dancing in it! They are dancing a light jug 3 hand I made up! I'm just so excited for them! It's gonna be awesome!

Update on my love life? WHO EVEN KNOWS.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Let's Talk

I absolutely love this.
Also, THIS.


The truth?

Life totally sucks. Sucks SO bad.
Like. So bad.

And every once in a while, all you want is a friend.
The perfect friend who won't leave you. Ever.

Everyone should have one of those friends.

But every once in a while, you come across one of those friends.
A friend that you could marry. A friend that you can tell anything to, so you do. A friend who makes you wonder if you ever loved before. A friend who leaves you, once you've told them everything. And they make you question yourself. They make you question who you are, and what you're worth.
And you break down.
And you don't want to be awake.
And you cry.

It sucks, but it happens.

And then, you pick yourself up. And you get over it.

You survive.

You live.

World Peace and Art

If I had one wish, I'm not sure what I would wish for.

Naturally, I would want to wish for world peace. Because, who doesn't want that. But then, I would re-think that wish.
Because if world peace is in this world, something else will go wrong.
And not just wrong.

Horribly wrong.

So I would probably wish for something smaller, so something like mad art skills. But then I'd be angry all the time, so I would just wish for awesome art skills.
Again, something could go wrong.
I could be stealing someone else's art skills.
Or I could be really good at modern art, but never be discovered, because modern art is confusing.
Or I just wouldn't get famous until I died, which is the most popular and most likely choice.
Either way it could go, it could suck.

So I would have to wish for the power to fly.

Because I can think of no bad consequences from that.

Flying it is.




That's just not happening.

Straight up.

So I think we found some people to buy our contracts at Oak Ridge! So hopefully they'll buy them and everything will work out.
I really hope that it all works out. I really don't wanna be homeless for 2 weeks at the end of the summer.

School is just stressful and I want it to all go away and I just wanna sleep.

Maddi is in my band. And so far, we sound awesome.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mah Band

I'm gonna start a band.

I can play the Ukulele. The Banjo. And the Piano. I can also Sing.

I REALLY wanna do this. But I don't think anyone will want to be in a band with me. It's a problem. And I feel like it's to late to start a band now.. I don't know.. I just don't know.

Here's the thing. I'm not cool enough to be in a band, let alone start one. But you know what? I'm gonna try anyways!

Maddi will be in my band. Hunter will be in my band. I will be in my band. And I don't know who else yet.

Maddi has an awesome voice. I would put a link here to her Jango page thing, but I don't know how much she'd enjoy that.. Well... YOLO.
Is she not amazing??

Yeah. No Big Deal, but she said she'd join my band. She can play the Ukulele, Piano, and Sing. She's SO AWESOME. I've talked about her before, maybe you remember.

Now, you may be asking, now why is Sierra starting a band? I will tell you why.
Because I wanna feel cool.
Because Najee' won't let me join his band.
Because college is the time to do crazy things.
Because because because because becaauuuse!

Side Note. The girl on the left, does she not look exactly like me?

Friday, April 4, 2014


So, I'm going to Conference on Saturday. I guess you could say I'm pretty excited.

Conference weekend is my favorite!!

Other than Lake Powell and energy bars, it is my favorite thing. Maybe even before energy bars. Wait but what about painting? Oh crap.. There are just so many things that are my favorite!

So I'm going with Ryan, Jessica, Maddi, and Najee'. I feel like I've told you this before.. Oh well, I'm telling you again.

IN OTHER NEWS I'm about to go to hip hop.
I'm in a really bad mood, and I'm hoping hip hop puts me in a better mood. Cause that would be awesome.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'm Pissed.
You wanna know why?

Well. I wanna be social, and not miss out on anything. But people are super annoying right now. Also, I don't want to get written up.

I'm leaving. I'm going to my room.


Okay. Now I have another problem.
I'm too lazy to get up.


Okay. You know what?

On Saturday, I'm going to Conference. I'm going with Maddi, Jess Jess, and Ryan. And then Najee' is meeting us there. NBD but it's gonna be a party.

Let's talk about how I just got a Henna. Yep. That's right people. I, Sierra Osmun, got a Henna. It's a YinYang sign, with little flower pedals on the edges, and it's made into a dream catcher. No big deal, but it's a huge deal.
What's that? You wanna see it?

Oh, just kidding. It's too dark.
But just know, it's awesome.

Have an awesome night.

Hashtag I just winked at you.

Let's Just Talk About This


Does anyone know how to get tickets for conference? I wanna go really bad, but none of my friends seem to know. They think all you do is go and get tickets from someone on the street... Is this true? I'm so confused.


Now that I've got that out of the way, let's cheer some things up and talk about fish.
Actually, not fish.
How about MADDI!!!
Maddi makes me happy.
Straight up, Maddi is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is sweet, beautiful, and so amazing. Full on, she is amazing. She is so happy and so.. AWESOME!! She is.. Oh my gosh. There are litterally no words for Maddi.
She's a total hippie. Hilarious. Gorgeous. Talented. Awesome to be around. Fun. Spiritual. Everything.
Honestly, I'm confused as to why she's still not Wifed..

Hashtag Shout Out to Maddi.

Just One of Those Days

Seriously, does everyone wanna piss me off today??

Also, look!!



The world hates me.

But also, World Hunger.