Friday, January 28, 2011


Is anyone out there?
Is anyone listening?

Well, I guess I'll write anyways.
Hello. Its 11:31 and I'm kind of really tired. But no, I won't be going to sleep anytime soon. Why, you ask? Well because I'm a teenager and I feel like it should be my right to stay up late on a Friday night!
So here I am... Sitting on the computer... Writing on my blog... Wow...
I have no social life what-so-ever.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dance Hangover

You know that feeling?
You feel Physically and Emotionally tired? You don't want to wake up, and when you are awake you don't want to move? And then you go and just about die every night?
Well that, my dear friends, is called a Dance Hangover.

Your just plain exhausted. Your trying to cram Dance, School, and even Sleep into your life all at once. Now when I say 'Dance' I don't mean an hour and a half every other day. But four or five hours everyday. Yes, you heard me correctly. Four or five. Every day.
Getting home at around eleven thirty every night does not help with anything. I take a shower (for those have lately become an essential), and stay up until maybe one, falling asleep doing homework. Waking up in the morning is a burden. Not just hard, but pure torture. Im adapting to sleep deprivation now. Falling asleep at school, which is NOT helping my grades. I just need to pass tenth grade.
We, as in the SHELLEY IRISH DANCE COMPANY (SIDC), have been putting on a show. IRELAND: The Dance Experience. It's really a lovely show. Fast costume changes, high energy dances, the whole sha-bang. Going from Ireland Pub Bar Tender, to Zombie, to a fairy and more. Quite the elaborate show really.
In the rush of dance, I have found myself slowly becoming anti social. Sleeping and zoning at school, coming home and doing homework, going strait to dance and strait home late at night doesn't leave much room to socialize. Of course, I do have facebook, my phone, and this lovely blog of mine (which.. no one reads?). But when it comes to friends coming over and hanging out, thats a negative commander. Therefor, I have no life.
School Dance Sleep School Dance Sleep School Dance Sleep.
Lovin' life, eh?
I need a nap..