Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Story.

Imma tell you a story..
Once upon a time there lived a girl and a boy. They were madly in love, but no one could ever know. Why, you ask? Because the girl was locked away in a deep, deep dungeon. And the boy was a prince, who had no business being down in the dungeons.
Yet, they were in love.
For a forbidden love, is the best form of true love.
After a while, the girl was told she would be thrown out of the kingdom, and banned from ever returning. When the prince heard of this new arrangement, he ran down to see her. The love of his life.
But when he finally reached the very deepest part or the deepest dungeon, he saw that he was too late. He would never see her again.
He wandered around aimlessly, not know what to do, not hearing anything or anyone, feeling numb and not having any clue of what he would ever do. Eventually, he made his way back into his living quarters, laid down on his bed, and wept.
After a long period of time wandering around the kingdom his father had built, he could no longer feel. He could no longer feel happiness or sadness. He could no longer see what was around him or what was going to happen next. He was numb.
Soon after, he was forced to marry another.
(His name was Peter, her name was Juliet, the new girl is named melody)
Melody knew she would never feel the love she so desperately wanted and yearned for.
Then she got sick. Dying of a broken heart, she asked Peter one last question. "Why?"
"I love another, but she was cast into the forest long ago, never to return. I have walked the borders of this kingdom time and time again, searching for my dear Juliet, and I have yet to find her."
(This is NOT Romeo and Juliet, ps.)
Peter finally built up the courage to ask his father about the girl. His beloved Juliet.
His father, the king, did not recall Juliet, did not recall her banishment, did not recall the dungeon. His father had no idea of any of this.
So off he went, running until his feet were numb and his hands shook. Yes he was in pain, but in his heart, he was no longer numb. He felt the burning flame of hope, and of love.
Finally, one day, Peter came across a field. A field with beautiful flowers, tall long grass. And houses.
When he woke up, the prince was in a dark room. There was a thin line of light in the room. He put his finger in front of it, and the light danced upon his fingers. The line was no longer thin now. It was becoming bigger and bigger now, filling the room with its glow, and it was amazing.
Suddenly, it was black. He could feel something shifting in the room. Something moving. Something watching.
Suddenly, the brightness was back. Blindingly back. And as he was able to begin seeing, he found the Juliet, his love, was looking right into his eyes. And he in hers. Tears started streaming down his face. For the first time sense she had been banished, he cried. He wept, and he wept.

The Four Seasons.

It's hot.
118 degrees. I consider that pretty hot.
Do you?
I chose to go to USU. I'm signed up, registered, have a roommate and a dorm, I'm ret-to go.
But I was gonna go to SUU at one point. Which is in/by St. George. Where it was 115 degrees.
I've come to realize I do better in the cold. During the late fall, early spring, and winter. I've always considered myself a summer/heat loving kinda girl. Since my birthday is in June, I thought I had to be.
I was always proud of being a summer person. Being able to complain in the winter and be all excited for summer.
Don't get me wrong, I love summer. It's the best. I go to the pool and Lake Powell. I don't have school and I get to go boating. Kneeboarding, wake boarding, waterskiing, tubing, all that jazz.
But I also really like the cold. Going running, sledding, the snowball fights (or chunks-of-snow fights). I love skiing, and I'm gonna try snowboarding soon as well.
I'm just confused about what kind of season I am. There are the winter people, the summer people, the spring people, and the fall people.
Like all the different types of mini things. You know? Fairies, Elves, Talking Rabbits, and all the Leprechauns.
It's like that... With seasons.. And normal people.. And feelings..
Close enough.
Who else is confused? Cause I am.
E'ry day.

Hot and Cold

I have this great idea. Where we all soak up hot and cold.
So when we are really hot, we can take some cold that's in our body and use it so we're not that hot. And visa versa.
Wouldn't that just be the best thing ever? Yes. Yes it would be the best thing ever.
Has anyone else ever had this idea? And does anyone else get their grammar confused sometimes? Cause I do.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just A Dream Catcher

A Dream Catcher catches all of your dreams. It holds all of your memories, holds all of your hope and dreams, holds your secrets.. Just kidding, I'm just trying to sound deep, did it work? Well anyways, I really like Dream Catchers. They're plain and simple. But not really. They're really complicated, and I have no idea how the Indians get the magic inside the whole thing! It's such a beautiful art form. So beautiful, so simple, so lovely. I don't know, but to me, they symbolize something greater. A different part of me, a different part of me. A different part of everyone. Look through a Dream Catcher, and you can see no lie.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pudding, showers, and hair, oh my.

Sometimes I try to be healthy. But then I see a donut. Or pudding. Or a hotdog. Or something else horribly unhealthy. And I think to myself "UNhealthy is only 2 letters away from healthy... Hm.. Sounds good to me." Does anyone else do that? I know that other people think that too. Or at least, I hope so... It's a vicious cycle. But hey, it's delicious, and I'm not too fat yet! Yolo. One more thing I such at:: showering. I really need to start seeing it in a better light. It just takes forever and a pain. I know I can make it shorter, but I'm too lazy! It, too, is a vicious cycle. And shaving sucks too. Who decided that girls have to shave? Who came up with shaving anyways?? Because whoever (whomever?) did, they should be the only one who has to shave. Yes? Yes. Agreed. Aaaaaaaaaand scene.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I'm going to California. Or by the time I post this, I'll be in Cali.
Out on the open road! Name that movie.
So we've been driving sense 6 and it's 10:23right now. So we either have 4 or 5 hours left. Or maybe 7 or 50 or 100083! I don't know. I'm just tired and wanna eat a McFlurry!
If you couldn't tell, we took a bathroom break at McDonalds. And now I want a McDouble with no pickles or onions, a Spicy McChicken, and fries. Snap. I'm hungry. And it's only10:27!
Whelp. I'm screwed.
The reason I'm going to California is my cousin. She's getting married! Both my older siblings are getting married this summer too. But you know what that means...
I'm next.
Bumm bumm BUUUMMMM!
Kinda freaks me out. I really didn't notice that until now. Well. I'm gonna have to get married.. Okay, not have to. Want to!
Honestly, I can't wait. I feel like everyone is looking forward to getting married a little bit. Right? Right.
So... I'm not the only one who starts with one subject and end with another, right?
... Acca awkward.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Calluses. Yay or Nay?

Who likes calluses?  Hard pieces of skin on your hands, like a shell of protection. I alway pick them off though. I don't know if people think they're cool, or they're gross. I think they're sorta cool. I need to grow calluses on my fingers. I need one on the side or my right thumb, and then on the topside my left fingers. Cause I'm just so cool and I okay instruments. I play the Ukulele, and now I'm learning to play the Banjo and Guitar. I need a teacher.. But anyways, calluses. Yay or Nay?

My True Love... Netflix.

Sometimes, I have those days. When you don't feel sick, nothing hurts, there's absolutely nothing wrong. But you're just sitting there not wanting to do anything! I don't know if it's only me or something, maybe it is. But I'm sharing with you! [All of you who read this blog..........] Netflix has done something to me. It has made me the lazy bum I am today. It should come with a warning "May cause extreme laziness." That would be a smart thing to do. I just love Netflix so much. It's my other half. But star to my burst, my straw to my berry, my sun to my shine, my lazy to my ness!! The moral of this story? I don't need a boyfriend, because Netflix will always be there for me.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Everyone has their emotional days. And mine is today. I haven't been home all day, when I was home I just watched Netflix, and now here I am pretending to be social and not knowing what to put on my blog. Who likes packing? Cause I do. I love it. LOVE. But, I hate unpacking. I'm pretty sure everyone hates it. So here's a little story. I'm going to college at USU this fall, to study Elementary Education. And I can't wait to back. I've already packed 3 boxes, and it's not even July. I need to pack all the stuff I'm gonna need to live, but the thing is, I can't pack that stuff cause I need it to live! Like clothes, bedding, bathroom stuff, and art supplies. So I've packed bags, books, hats, and boots. Next I'm going to pack coats/sweatshirts/jackets/cold weather clothes. But after that, I have no idea what to do until August when I leave! So here I am, wanting to pack and get organized, but I can't cause I still gotta live. Poop. What do I do now?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The DI

The DI. I love the DI. No words can express how much I LOVE the DI. When I'm bored and don't know what to do, DI. When I'm feeling sad and need a pick-me-up, DI. When I need a friend, DI. When I'm hungry, not the DI but I still love the DI. DI DI DI. How great does that sound? THE DI!!!!!!!!! Deeeeee eeyyeeeee. Why, just the other day I was at the DI! Wait a second... That other day was today! Now, let's talk about what I got, shall we? Yes we shall. I got two pairs of jeans, a cassette tape player, three pairs of shoes (boots), two movies, a Vans hoodie, an Aggie shirt, and a good time with my momma and sister. I would have to say it was a productive day. I love the DI, some people hate it, some people love it. And I love it, you?

Ice Cream for Breakfast.

I had ice cream for breakfast. And it was awesome.
What's the weirdest thing you've ever had for breakfast? Honestly, I don't eat breakfast that often. But when I do, it's delish.
So a lot of people like cold pizza or left overs for breakfast.
I don't get that.
Why would you want to eat something like that? For breakfast!! At least heat it up up up heat it up up up heat it up up up its on fiiyaaaaa! Name that song.
You have to eat breakfast food for breakfast. The only exceptions are:: Ice cream, pasta, and burritos. And crepes. But those are sometimes considered breakfast food.
I could eat crepes every day of my life. They are so good.
I think breakfast is such a weird meal. And sometimes gross.

Friday, June 21, 2013


So... I have nothing to do, and I'm feeling emotional. This is the time where I should probably go to sleep... But I don't want to! And that's why there are blogs. Can I get an "Amen?" "AMEN!!" Aaaaaaaand I have absolutely nothing to write/type about. Whelp. This is awkward. But hey, again, that's what blogs are for! (Re-read the whole "amen" thing, too lazy to re-type...) What's on my mond, what's on my mind.......... NOTHING. I MUST HAVE NO BRAIN!!! Does this kind of poo happen to you too? Just bored and wanna do something, but have nothing to do or write or anything? I need a life.


I stick to plans. I MAKE SURE I can do it or go or see it or whatever. I write it down, I put it in my phone, whatever. I don't forget. What makes me mad is if you have to cancel your plans to do something else with other people, but then those other people decide not to do it, or they have other plans they forgot about. So there you are feeling like a freaking idiot and really sad as well. Because not only did you cancel your previous plans, but you did it for these special people cause they're important to them. And not only did your friends cancel at the last second and you're stuck home alone, but you can't get your old plans back! So here I am, bored out of my mind, with no plans and no one to hang out or chill with. Whoop, go me. Do you guys (I say guys pretending I have people who read this) get pissed too when this happens? Cause I do. I hate it.

I hate showers.

I hate taking showers. And I HATE taking baths. If I just wanna sit in my own filth I would go crap myself. I mean, really people. Your're sitting in all the dirty you wanna get off. I don't get it. I just don't get it. Aaaaanyways. They're both just a waste (waist?) of time. Seriously, we all know we smell bad. It's a human thing. Duh. I don't get how things our bodies do can be inappropriate. Like passing gas, burping, stomach growling, things like that. Why do they have to be embarrassing? Really, we all do it. And we all know that all of us do it. So why hide our human selves? LET IT ALL OUT BABY. But remember some things are meant for the toilet. Does anyone else hate showers?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Social Media

Social media is mixing into one. Am I the only one who'e noticing this? Maybe... Maybe... But anyways, media. Social media. Let's talk about it. There are blogs. People write about themselves and crap and hope to get a bunch of followers and be one of those people who everyone is all like "OMG have you seen her blog?" And so on. There is Facebook. Life on the internet? Check. There's Instrgram. Heaven help me, I LOVE INSTAGRAM!! I believe we've talked about this before... There's Vine. Oh my gosh! Look at all these videos people don't totally care about! I mean, really, all we wanna see are hot guys and all we wanna do is laugh. But still, everyone has one, and it's awesome no matter what. And then there's Twitter... Heaven help us all. There's also Snapchat. And facetime. And And all that other crap. But seriously, think about it.. Snapchat has video, so now it's like Vine. Instagram just now changed and has video, like Vine and Snapchat! Then facebook is just "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!" Sorta like Instagram. You can post anything you want. And Twitter! Oh my word don't even get me started! You can post anything from whatever other social media sites and apps, right there on twitter. And facebook, but no one loves facebook too much, now do they? Hey, and that just reminded me of something. APPS AND SITES!! All the sites like and Facebook, not have apps. And Instagram now has a website! And maybe, just maybe, I'm totally wrong about all of this and I'm just going on and on and on. Either way, humor me, and pretend that I'm right. CRAZY. Social media causes the world problems. Agreed?


I AM SO HUNGRY OH MY GOSH. I hate that, when you're at someone's house, and you're dying of hunger. But you still want to be polite. So when they offer you food you have to be all "Oh thank you! I'm not even hungry! -insert polite laugh-" but you're really all "OH MY GOSH GIVE ME THAT FOOD I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR WHOLE FREAKING HOUSE." Society sucks. We all wanna eat. Why is it impolite to open someones fridge? I open mine all the time! Does anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me?


"Why are so many people so into everything! It makes being a hipster so hard these dayss..... Hashtag Hipster." Does anyone else notice how ironic that is? My word. Hipster is in? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Nuff Said. Does anyone else eat stuff out of tuperwear? And does anyone else not know how to spell tuperwear?

Fix it Felix loves Potstickers!!

Oh my gosh I'm almost at 1000 views! Let's have a party everyone!! Whoop Whoop! Fix it Felix! Whoop Whoop! Fix it Felix! That must me mario, fashionably late, per the norm! Has anyone realized that the voice of Fix it Felix (no it's not Felix, it's Fix it Felix) is the page off of 30 Rock? Funny stuff my friends, funny stuff. On another note, I love potstickers! We're having them right now. Now I have a real question. Sometimes, when you eat something hot, does your nose get sorta runny? Because if not, I think I'm mentally and physically ill. I think it's just the steam coming up into your nose and making it feel runny. Or making it legit runny. Either way, it makes my nose runny. Please tell me I'm not the only one..

Mah Baaack!

So I woke up this morning and wanted to die. It's a real problem, because dying would sorta suck. MY BACK HURTS. (and my neck) I have my mom try and pop my back and it doesn't work. I try to pop it and, you'd never guess what happened... Yep, that's right. It didn't work. [I just realized I keep changing to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person... Oh well.] So here I am, typing this post, and wanting to poop my pants because my back hurts so bad. I swear, I didn't sleep on it weird, I just woke up and BAM it hurts. On the bright side, I got to sleep in. Does anyone else have this problem sometimes..?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Forever Alone.

Sitting in the car with three other people. At first you'd think "huh this is fun" or "awesome four!" But then you realize "wow these people are my only friends" and then you start to cry because you have no life and no friends. Except for the three in your presence right now.

Just played Games

So here I am, laying on my bed, with my laptop on top of me. I have a question. Did anyone else only play computer games when you took keyboard class? Because that's all I did, and I STILL cannot type without looking at the keyboard! Look, lemme show you how it is. twinght twinvle liittle stag how i wonfer what you are up anove yhr worlf so kigh loke a dimond in the sku; tweinvkr twinvlr little star, jpw i wonder wwhat you are. That wasn't too bad.. You know what song that is, right? Well anyways, I'm screwed over for the fall. I'm going to USU and have to take notes on my laptop. But how am I going to do that if I have to stare down at the keys as I type slowly and STILL make mistakes? Who knows my friend, who knows... So... anyone else?

We all do it.

Today I got 102 likes on a photo I posted on Instagram. You could say I'm pretty psyched about it.. Cause I am! I hit the 100 mark! You know, through thick and thin, there have been 2 things that I have never forgotten about. My gmail, and my Instagram. Maybe because on Instagram I have over 300 followers. But it could also be that I stalk people and like all their photos. Big possibility there. Now, I know I don't even have to ask if anyone else does this. Because we all know we do. And some of us are all "OMG guys look at all these people I stalk!!" trying to show it off, or there are people like me who try to be funny a witty, but fail, while still admitting to their stalker-ish ways. Baboom everyone. Baboom.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


When your extended family is over, and you say one bad thing, and they don't let you forget it for the rest of the night. My question is, why? I mean, everyone does that to their family. But sometimes it goes to far. You run to your room, fight back tears, look down, or just faint. Fainting will make them feel bad. I'd faint if I were you. Fun fact:: I've never fainted. Or at least.. I don't think I have. Maybe I did, but I don't remember cause I had fainted! Crazy world we live in, crazy world. Am I the only one this whole "relatives are mean and go too far" happens to?

Saturday, June 15, 2013


When I remember that I have a blog, I'm all "OH MY GOSH I HAVE A BLOG I'M GOING TO POST EVERY SING FREAKING DAY OF MY LIFE AND MY BLOG IS GONNA GET SUPER FAMOUS AND EVERYONE IS GONNA LOVE IT CAUSE I'M GONNA BE WITTY AND FUNNY AND AWESOME!!!!" Bust doesn't everyone do that? Cause I sure do, obviously. So lets get down to business. This blog will never be famous. Ever. If it is, well, I will jump up and down and yell "OH MY GOSH I HAVE A BLOG I'M GOING TO POST EVERY SING FREAKING DAY OF MY LIFE AND MY BLOG IS GONNA GET SUPER FAMOUS AND EVERYONE IS GONNA LOVE IT CAUSE I'M GONNA BE WITTY AND FUNNY AND AWESOME!!!!" That will be a good day.. The moral of the story is:: Things change. You'll remember about your blog and everything and be all obsessed.But then a little while later, you'll remember that you have a Pinterest! And you'll forget all about your blog. Then Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook, and MySpace, and Tumblr. It'll happen. We all know it will. We get burnt out, we get distracted, we get excited, we get obsessed. It's all a cycle.

Anyone Else?

I got a banjo for Christmas, and finally found a site that I can learn from. Praise the Lord all mighty, I'm finally learning. I already know how to play the ukulele pretty well. Now, I'm going to college this fall. Whenever I think about going, or just starting something new, I want to be a cooler person. I wanna be that girl that everyone is like "HOLY CRAP SHE IS SO COOL" and jazz. Am I the only one? So I say all this stuff and how I play the ukulele and the banjo, how I wakeboard and water ski -which is true but I suck at both of those things- , and how I am freaking awesome. (The freaking awesome part is real, but you already know that.) So really, I'm not a pro at anything. I might pretend I am, but I'm not, cause that's how and who I am. Anyone else?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm going to college! Whoop.