Sunday, May 10, 2015

deciding I was beautiful was the best decision I ever made

Why is it that some parts of society makes it seem like being big is bad, when other parts of society makes it seem like being big is awesome?

Like this:

And this:

You see, you can never please society. Society is a wicked and cruel thing that, no matter what, will hate who you are.

And my question is, why? Why do we let this happen? Aren't WE society? Why don't we think things like this:

And this:

I just don't get why we can't change the worlds views. Everyone is thinking it! But, of course, that's obviously easier said than done.

One day, I decided that I was, and am, beautiful. No matter what others may say, no matter what society thinks of fat or skinny. I am beautiful. This decision changed my life.
I don't care what others think of my body shape, or of my nose size. I don't care what people think of my wardrobe, or of my hair (let's be honest though, my hair is awesome).

It's never easy to change a point of view. Especially your own. But you can do it. I have to remind myself every day that I am beautiful. That society is the one with the problems.

I love myself.