Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On a more serious note

Okay, okay. I know.
Well listen... I came home from work to Jess Jess playing Christmas music, and I just got in the mood. So, get ready to hear all about how I love Christmas!

Just kidding.
Just enjoy the songs.

Bad Day

today sucked

But, good news! Brian is here! So that makes me feel good.
You remember Brian. He's one of the best people I know, one of my favorite people, and one of my best friends. He is currently sitting next to me, no idea that I'm writing this.
What's that? You want to see a picture?? Done.
He's a funny dude.

So, back to my bad day. It's been bad. Not because of anything really, just because I'm in a bad mood and have been just feeling poopy.
So here's a story. Once upon a time I had a bad day so I blogged and you should listen to this song The End.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I was full once.

What else was I good for than just an easy catch.

I should have known better.


What I would give

to tell you I was anything but a fish.

But I am only a fish.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

In Honor of Steve

I just cried a little bit on the inside of my body.
Here's the story:

I had this plant, my favorite plant, and I named him Steve. Because that was the obvious choice for an amazing plant, just like Steve. And then,
Steve died, much too young. But, you see, I kept Steve around for a very long time. A very, very long time. So long, I probably could have traveled to the moon and back in that same amount of time.
But I don't care! I don't care that everyone got annoyed when I wouldn't throw him away, Steve that is.
And today, I found that Jess Jess (who, back story, collects mugs) got two of her mugs out of the box they were in, and they were broken. I felt very sad for Jess Jess, and then I realized how strong she was.
She was about to throw away her broken mugs, which she loved very much, when I stopped her. I walked over to Steve, and said something very heroic that I may never be able to repeat. Or remember. But for now, we will say that I said this:
Because Jess Jess is so brave, and because I want Steve to be happy again, I will throw him away tonight.
Maddi (who just so happened to be there as well) then went all "awwe" on me. And then, all three of us, together, threw away the beautiful mugs and the beautiful Steve.

Will I miss him? Yes.
But Steve will live on.

I love you ol' chap.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Maybe I'll Just

So Halloween is coming up soon, and that's pretty exciting.
What's that? You want to hear my plans? Okay.
Me and my cute boyfriend are gonna sit our butts on my couch, eat pounds of candy, and watch scary movies, until we either pee our pants or fall asleep. It's pretty much gonna be one rager of a party.
But guess what? It's not Halloween yet. So I can talk about whatever I want to. I mean, this is my blog, so I can do that anyway.


Freak. I am so excited.

But, I feel as though this topic deserves it's own blog post. Except, I'm just going to not do that.

FRIENDS is possibly my favorite tv show, like, ever. But not really, cause there's New Girl and That 70's Show and How I met Your Mother and The Office and Pokemon and all those other ones that are just awesome.

I don't know how to end this post...

Okay bye.

Monday, October 13, 2014

a New Phone.. Again.

I am in need of a new phone once again.

Mine has decided to stop working. It won't send texts unless I restart it, and then it'll only send them for about an hour. Then I have to restart it again.

So if, you know, anyone wants to give me a free phone, that would be pretty cool.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

my phone screen is cracked and it's a bad day

I slept in today. As well as a few days last week. I am just sleeping a lot lately. Which, I don't know why, cause I kinda don't like sleeping. I mean, I like how I can forget about everything going on around and just sleep.

And when I wake up, that few seconds before the world starts crashing down on me again and I remember every heavy thing life brings me? That is the best few seconds of the day.

Wow. I like that. I think I'll put it in a song.

But I don't like dreaming. Because the last few ones I've had have been nightmares. Nightmares full of dying and tears and pain.
So that's been fun.

Because I've been sleeping a lot (more than I'd like to), I've fallen behind in my classes. I am actually currently working on my math homework. Well, I mean, I'm sitting here, on my bed, blogging. But really, I am just taking a break from my millions of math assignments to de-stress and blog.
The silly thing is, I don't even know if I will be able to turn in these math assignments, cause the teacher doesn't allow late work. But she might allow mine. I don't know, it's kind of a long story. A long story that I don't want to share. So.. That's a thing.

I know, I know. You're probably reading this thinking something along the lines of "Why are you blogging? You should be doing your millions of math assignments and psychology assignments!"

I just want to sit here and listen to sad music, cause it's a bad day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Conference weekend is my favorite weekend.

In other news, I went to the ER last night! It was really quite exciting. And, I mean, I'm alive. So they did their job. So that's good.

And, I mean, it took for forever. Considering it was 3:00 am and the place was dead (ell oh ell), I think they could have done better, time wise.

My chest still hurts like a baby stubbing it's toe for the first time, but it's not anything like it was at 2:30 this morning. Oh my word. It was so bad.

Alright. So. I have this problem called I miss some people that I should not miss. Ugh. I hate that feeling. Missing someone who you shouldn't miss. Because, it's all, I hate you.. And I don't want to miss you. And I don't want to give you the satisfaction of me thinking about you. But at the same time, all I want to do is call you and see you and talk to you.

And then, I remember that I have the cutest, nicest, most amazing boyfriend. And I think "Wow, do I need anyone else in my life?"
And the answer to that would be no. No I do not. Especially not the person I missed a few sentences ago, you turd.
Turd face.