Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I wish I were a Flower

I should be studying. I really should be. Or I should be doing my math assignment for the day. But the real question is,
am I going to?

No I am not.

Instead, I am going to blog about flowers.

I was recently asked about my favorite kind of flower. And, oh my gosh, that's almost as hard as my favorite type of music.


I love flowers. I love them. Absolutely love them.
The look.
The smell.
The feel.
I love white flowers the best, probably. White roses. White Daisies. White whatever these are

But I also really like yellow flowers. Like sunflowers. I absolutely love sunflowers.

The only flower that I actually don't like (only cause they're colored unnaturally) are these flowers that, I think, are called gerber daisies. These ones

And even those I love, because they're still flowers. And flowers are beautiful.

I wish I was a flower. Everyone loves flowers.

Flowers make people happy.
Flowers make people smile.

Flowers make me feel at peace.

I want to bring that to people.

And, I mean, just look

in my Eyes

I really want to blog. But I honestly have nothing to blog about. Except Brennan. So, that's what I'm going to do.

Get ready for some cheesy crap.

Brennan is, as you know, my current boyfriend. And he is absolutely amazing.

As a lot of you know, and as the rest of you will learn in about .6 seconds, I have gone through quite a bit for someone my age. And yeah, it sucks. But I'm also grateful it happened. But that's beside the point. The point is,
Brennan sees this.

Brennan sees that I've been through a lot. And he sees that, through his eyes at least, I deserve to be treated so much better than I have been in the past.

He treats me like a princess.
I've never really been treated like a princess by someone like that before, someone who wasn't a family member.
And I love it.

He treats me like I deserve the world. And even if I don't think that's true, he does. And he simply acts upon that thought.

Brennan is Amazing. Brennan is life. Brennan is perfection.

At least, he is in my eyes.

3 days till I see you B. 3 days.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Math cause Heart Attacks

Sometimes, I get really confused. Because listen...

Why do we need math? Like, I see why we need the basic stuff.
But why do we need the rest? The answer is this.
We learn hard math, so we can teach our kids hard math. And why? The answer is this.
We teach our kids hard math so they can teach their kids hard math. And why? The answer is this.


Okay so my jaw has been hurting for, like, two weeks now. And so I googled what was wrong with me, like any normal person would, and THIS CAME UP. OH MY GOSH I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK.

So math.
I mean, don't get me wrong. I see how useful math can be. To people who actually need to use it.

So let the mathematician go divide and multiply to their hearts content! I'm not saying we should stop math. I mean, ask me about science and we'll have a completely different conversation. But listen, I don't think we should have to take math after a certain level. Certain level being jr. high algebra and geometry. And I know that we don't have to take math after the first few years of college, or even none of that crap because we placed out of it, but that's just too much math for me.

... Then I found five dollars.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


For those of you who read my blog regularly (Hi Mom!!), you know that I'm pretty weird. And that my views on having a boyfriend are pretty up and down. Same with my views on me getting married. One second I think it's adorable, and the next, I think it is gross-er (is that a word.. Is now!) than a squished poopy diaper.. At the beach..


But something happened a few nights ago... I'm sure you could guess... But I'm going to tell you anyway...


So... THAT happened.

His name is Brennan. And, he's pretty cute.

See? (Picture taken of a picture I took on my phone...)

Basically he's super cute and that's all. Also, he just so happens to think that I'm awesome, and I him.
So that's a thing.

Brennan came up to Logan to visit me this last week. And, oh my freak, it was so much fun!
You see, he's from Bountiful. And he came all the way here to visit me! It was pretty much adorable. But that's beside the point.

The point is.. Well.. I don't know what the point is... This is my blog, and I get to write about what I want. So ha!

Also, he drew me and a dinosaur.. I'll show you that one later. Spoiler alert:: It's awesome.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weight Loss

Lately, I've been feeling fat.
WAIT! Here's something...

--Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I don't like people who fish for compliments. I don't like skinny people who say they're fat just so people will tell them they're skinny, and I don't like gorgeous people who say they're ugly just so people will tell them they're gorgeous.--

And now, I will continue.

So, as I was saying, I've been feeling fat. Now, I'm not saying this to get you to go "Oooooohhhh Sierra you're not fat your awesome and skinny-minnie and gorgeous!!!"
Cause I know that is what some of your instincts will tell you to do. Because that is what we've been trained to do.

But stop.

I don't want you to say that. I just want to get my feelings out.

So, as I was saying, I FEEL FAT. And I know I've been gaining weight lately, so I've been looking into stuff I can do to loose that crap.

My first idea was to poop. Which I did. I lost a whole pound!

After a few ideas that I brushed off, like working out and eating healthier, I came to the conclusion of "I still have no idea what to do."

If any of you have an idea, that would be great. I'm currently looking into a thing called my-ez-somethingorother. It looks like, from all of the reviews I've read, that it works. But the thing is, it is like... $500, and I'm a poor college student and that could pay for, like, half a textbook. So I don't know what to do yet.


For now, here is a video of something cute.

Have a Nice day.

Pet Peeves


Really though.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I hate how everything starts with "I" now.
I feel sad.
I am hungry.
I want to.
I am thinking about.
I love.
I think that.

I do it. See? Just there. Did it. Boom.

But we are a selfish people. And sometimes, that's not such a bad thing.

Occasionally, you need to take care of yourself. You can't lift someone up if you're below them. You can't keep giving if you never receive, or you'll run out!

Just sayin'.

Friday, September 12, 2014

I found my new favorite thing.

Sam Smith Pandora Radio.

WHAT I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THAT'S A THING IT IS SO GREAT HOLY PISS okay but really, I love Sam Smith. He is my new favorite person in the whole wide world. Other than,
you know,
you !!!!!!!

So I'm having a little bit of a dilemma. The struggle is real with this one.
You see, I have a spot. It's in the quad side cafe, which is in the library, which is on campus. And it smells incredible. And I can people watch all I want. And it's in the sun. And it's right by all my classes. And I love it. The only problem is, someone has recently taken my spot for his own. So, I'm not totally sure what to do. Because, you see, I love this spot. I don't know if I've ever loved something more than I love this spot.
So therefore, I need some help.

Whelll. Now that we've got that out of the way, listen to this
How do you feel?

Monday, September 8, 2014

that Song that reminds you

Pandora is a great thing. Until it turns to a song that reminds you of a heart break.
Or, that song that reminds you of a friend that you try and help.
We all have one of these friends. The ones that say they have no friends and throw themselves a pity party. And then, finally, when you give them the help and attention they so desire, they blow you off. And the next day, they start to say they have no friends again.
Or, maybe, they just ignore you and drop you like smelly cheese. And then say that no one likes them. And you're sitting there like. Yo. I like you. But guess what? You are a jerk and decided to drop me.

So shut the hell up, cause you don't have the right to say you have no friends.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Poker Master

I have recently realized that I really like poker. And. I'm pretty good at it too. So that's pretty cool.

Last night, I went to work. I picked up this shift for my friend, Kenzye, and it was the dishwasher shift. Which, now you know, is a living hell.
But listen. It wasn't just a every-day-run-of-the-mill-midnight-meal-dishwasher-shift. This was a monster shift. Why, you ask?
Because. The game was last night. Spoiler, we won.
Because. Earlier, there was a BBQ for the game.
Because. After the BBQ, no one did the dishes.
Because. They didn't do the dishes, so I got stuck with all of them.

Okay. You don't understand the amount of dishes there were piled on top of each other, in the sink, in the carts.


When I got home from work, I was in a terrible mood. So I went over to Steven's apartment, and played poker.

Now I'm taking BuzzFeed quizzes. Hashtag I love this.

Oh, and did I mention that I totally won in poker? Yeah, no big deal.



Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Best Friend

I'm always talking about those who hurt me. I'm always saying how they ruined me, how it hurts to think about them. But I never talk about those who healed me. Those who saved me. Those who loved me and I loved back.

Today, I am going to tell you about one of those.

His name is Josh.

(I can't get these pictures on my computer, so here they are on my phone[this is at his farewell.].)

Anytime I meet someone named Josh, I think of him. Anytime I go to Lake Powell, I think of him. Anytime someone asks me who my best friend is, I smile, I think of him.

Have I ever told you about Josh? I'm sure I have...
Well, Josh is.. Josh is Life.

From the first day I met him, I knew there was going to be something there. And there was.

There are literally no words to explain Josh. I have been trying for the past half hour to say something about him, but nothing will do.
Let's try this..

Josh is my definition of perfection, and my little piece of imperfection. He is my idea of a happily ever after. And, as cliche as this is, he is the guy who makes me smile when I feel like crying. I could never see a future without him. Josh is...
My best friend.
Simple as that.




17 Songs That Will Make You Love Your BFF More Than Ever

Friday, September 5, 2014


 I would really enjoy a friend right now.
But I'm the only one in the apartment, and I don't feel like going outside.
Maybe I'll invite Alex over. He's cute.

I have a question. Why does music affect us so hard core? I mean, I don't know if it affects you like it affects me, but really though. It's crazy.
-Side note: Am I using the right affect/effect? I don't know, I've learned it so many times, but I will never remember.-

Like, a rap song makes me feel cooler than you, and a pop-ish song makes me feel hyper and excited.

Also this one. This one makes me feel so sad.

I don't know. I just don't know anymore.

After I listen to that song. I don't even know what to do. It is one of the saddest songs I've ever heard.

Also, this one.

Okay. I'm officially depressed now.

Let's look up the word happy and see what comes up. Okay?
             I like this a lot.

              And this one.

You know what bugs me? When people say stuff like
cause I'm sitting here all like.
Cause, Happiness... It's... Well... It's complicated.
I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.
But happiness, a lot of the time, is not a choice.
And to those people who say it is,
I'm all.

Okay, I'm getting off my soap box before I get in trouble.

Okay bye.
What's wrong with me you guys? I'm tired all the time.

On a completely unrelated note, what are the symptoms of mono?

Maybe I have mono. I don't know why I would though, I haven't been kissing anyone with mono.. Weird.

So I met a boy today. His name is Link, and he's attractive. Just kidding, I didn't meet anyone named Link today. But I DID meet someone named Brandon. And he really was attractive. He's in my psychology class.

He is just oh so cute.

Yes. That DID just happen.

So. Um. Today was exciting. But not really.
In other news, I think I have a crush on this boy. What's up with that? It's lame, and I really don't want to have a crush on this boy. He's, like, my best friend. And this crush will ruin that. So.. Nevermind. I don't have a crush on him anymore. Holla achya gurl.
Lately, I've been saying "I hate you" and "I will kill you" a lot. And I don't like it very much. So I'm gonna stop. Not try to stop, I'm going to stop.
Also, I feel heart broken, sad, for no reason. What the heck.
This song.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Also, this.

Seriously. Watch it. Do it. Right now. Do it.

For the past two days I've been looking at a lot of scholarships. I've found about 4 that I can apply for, and hopefully I'll get them. I REALLY need scholarships. Really bad.
But I guess everyone does, really.

The struggle is real.

It's just that, with the plans I'm making, there is a lot of money spending involved. I guess how that's how it is for everyone. But still! I'm part of that everyone category! And I think I should get some money!

Here's the thing.
I really want to do something awesome. And I'm not sure if it's going to happen.. So I don't want to say it yet.. Cause, you know, don't wanna jinx it.

Is that the right spelling?

But, to do this, I need some scholarships in order to afford it. So... That's a thing.