Friday, April 29, 2011

A Choice

"Happiness is a Choice"
That's what my dad always says.

We have a lot of choices, don't we?
Yes, there's the everyday choices everyone has:
Should you wake up to your alarm, or push snooze fifteen times? Should you actually get ready for the day, or wear a hoodie and have your hair in a pony tail.. Again? Should you pay attention in class, sleep, or write on your blog?
But then, there are the bigger choices. Choices with bigger consequences, both good and bad:
Should you go to church, or sleep in? Should you answer the three am call from my suicidal friend? Should you hurt yourself again? Should you listen to them, or live your life for you?

Everyone has the choice. The choice to be happy, the choice to smile and sing and laugh. The choice to dream, and fulfill your dreams. The choice to live life to its fullest. No one should get in the way of your dreams. Of your happiness.

Everyone should have a choice, a chance, to choose.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ouchy Wa Wa

Spring break is a Cruel, Cruel taste of the summer that is yet to come..
Including Sleeping in, Staying up way to late, being Stress Free, Hangin... Scratch that: Chillin with friends. And, Of Course, The Sunburn.
This beautiful word, I just happen to hate at the moment.
Let me express to you, my feelings: I HATE SUMBURNS!!! SO FREAKIN BAD (So bad... Buy all of the things I never had...) Musical moment, Name that Song.

Last night was pure Torture. And now when I say torture, I mean one of the worst nights of my life. No joke.
I usually stay up until eleven, twelve, give or take the night. But last night, I stayed up until three-thirty. Just a little later than I had planned on.
You see, I sunburned my back and sholders when I went to Vegas the last weekend of the glorious soring break. I was there for a Feis (Irish Dance Competition). And, of course, it was Outside. Being the blonde I am, I forgot sunscreen. And in between my competitions, I would take off my dress. Wearing only a tank top and bloomers. Not. Smart.
Stinging and itching. I was hyper-ventilating and breathing hard, causing me to get a bit dizzy. I couldn't stop shaking and twitching. Tensing up and arching my back. I couldn't handle it all, and I was even half screaming. Not being able to even move.
At exactly twelve- thirty- something, I went into my parents room crying. Yes I don't like admitting the tears, but there were a lot.
Asking for a blessing, I thankfully got one from my loving pops. And my mom got me a oatmeal bath. And no, it did not help. We tried so many different things. Neosporin, special cream, ice, cold water, you name it- we tried it.
Finally my dad went to Walmart and got a magical tropical spray that was supposed to help it. And by now, it was about two in the morning. Spraying it on made it sting, and it still does when I put in on. But It still helped, a bit.
Finally, at three-thirty last night, I fell asleep. With a dear, dear friend calming me down and helping me the whole time. Oh so grateful for him.
This morning I went to school, and then got checked out of second period to go home because it hurt so badly. Went back to fourth to take a test.

They say the third day of a sunburn is the worst, the hump.
I hope they're right.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's been a while, eh?
While I've been gone I have:
  • Gone on a magic carpet ride
  • Proposed to a Kangaroo
  • Become a champion pogo-stick jumper
  • And not done any of these things
Now I know you're wondering, Why In The World Is This Girl Writing All This Pumpkin Seed Jucie??
Well, I have this dear friend named Lama and he desided that we were going to play. Okay, well we both decided.
So he got here and he showed me his piano skills, we ate breakfast for lunch, he showed me an amazing magic trick, and NOW we are writing on our Bloggitys.
Ain't that just grand?
Ammon Scott Loveless